Sunday, December 2, 2007

Seasonal tasting

The S.O.B.E.R Groups 3rd annual Seasonal Beer tasting event is now in the books. As usual a splendid time was had by all. If you want to see a detailed account of all the beers that were sampled and the voting for the years "Best of Show" and the winning brew I suggest going to pacific brew news for Ricks report. I know it will be more accurate and inclusive an account than I can deliver.
We were missing a couple of group members, although there is no actual list of people in the group, any sign up mumbo-jumbo or fees, we did have a couple new participants that enhanced the proceedings. Brian Ford, owner/brewer extraordinaire of Auburn Ale House , my new neighbor "Bob" as well as another one of Lisa's friends "Amy" who was also at the Thanksgiving gathering the Saturday prior. Amy did a good job helping Mark, The Beer Geek, with the blind pour and cellering duties. Jay Page, a highly decorated home wine maker and significant friend of Beermann's was also in the house.
Wild West Radio's owner/creator, general manager, on-air personality and chief bottle washer Jeff Scammon also participated as did Jose Alverado who as usual brightened the event with his warmth and beer enthusiasm. My son Cody and Breann, his wife of seven months, also made a late appearance as did Jay's wife Linda. And naturally Rick, Tracy, Mark the Beer Geek, Myself and Terri were also present.
I made a pot of chili the week prior to Thanksgiving and froze a portion of it to specifically save for this event. It wasn't a particularly spicy/hot version but I think it, along with breads and cheeses (thanks Jose), blended pretty well to the spiciness and complex natures of most of the winter brews that were on the menu. My knowledge in the nationwide growing interest in beer/food parings is woefully under developed but is something that will hopefully be expanded upon in the years to come.


xraybs said...

You are a man of few words but your hospitality, family, friends, and taste in beers are exceptional... they speak volumes!! Thanks for allowing me to share in your holiday and sample your feast and grog. I owe you one or two or three???
Thanks again,
Bob from the Hood!

Rick Sellers said...

Hey, that was a good time - can we do it again next year? Thanks, as always, for putting on a great party. I did get the audio up today, and there's even a bit of a write-up on our blog... Next up? 2008 Barleywine Festival... SOBER style? My liver and my palate are looking forward to that day.