Saturday, March 26, 2011

Loomis Basin Brewing Company

On Thursday March 24th 2011 Loomis Basin Brewing Company (LBB) opened it's tasting room to the Public. On Friday March 25th the misses and I, along with our good friends Bob and Michelle Silva, made our first visit.

Located at 3277 Swetzer Road in Loomis California 95650 the new brewery is the latest venture of seasoned brewer Jim Gowan who has built and worked in several other breweries in the region including most recently the popular Western Pacific Brewing in Oroville.

This time around Jim and his brewery is more of a family affair and includes his son Kenny, and vivacious wife and daughter in law Jodee and Linda whom happily poured our pints and gave us a run-down on their exciting new venture.

The beer board includes no less than seven beers but due to the constraints of time and fermentor space Jim only had two of his beers pouring. The Vindicator IPA and the Swetzer Pale Ale. After our usual three pint sampling session we concluded that the IPA was indeed growler worthy and bought one to take home. The IPA had a slight copper hue to it and was solid in everyway an IPA should be. Floral nose, more hops than malt and a very refreshing drinkability.

I only sampled the Swetzer Pale Ale but found it was crisp and clean and it also seemed to be the most popular beer in the place. I must be slipping because I failed to remember to ask Jim about the ABV and the IBU's of either beer.

Jim told me he had just brewed a batch of his Red Robin Ale that morning and next up was planning to brew a Bitter. His Beer Board also listed Golden Eagle Mandarin Wheat, BuXom Blond Pils and Old Route 40 Stout as future year round offerings.

The tasting room looks like it hold about 30 people or so and is very comfortable and clean with 6 tap handles and a bar that seats 6 or 7.

The tasting room hours are listed as Tuesday thru Saturday from 3:00pm to ?

The beer prices are the best that I know of in out region...$3.50 for a pint!

The growler refills are $12 and a new growler filled with beer is $15.00.

Regulars can also purchase a beer card which can render the price of a pint as low as $3.

Check out their web site to view photo's of construction.

What I really love is that the Hwy 80 corridor in my region now contains three great beer stops. Loomis Basin Brewing, Auburn Ale House and the New Owl Club in Roseville. Despite the economy our local beer scene is looking up and offering some great beers. All highly recommended by this hop traveler.