Monday, September 21, 2009

A proper early-mid-week sham

Nothing like a birthday to bring out a sense of entitlement in people. Sooo ... since tomorrow is indeed a Hop Hunter day of counting the years long-gone-past ..... a quick trip to San Francisco seems in perfect harmony with a day not at work.
Terri and I will be getting out of Roseville by noon headed for the BART station in Dublin where we will hop onto the local mass transit luxury liner and head across the salty bay to The City. Speaking of the city our first stop will be the City Beer Store at 1168 Folsom St.
Since we will be meeting my son Zack and his brilliant Bride Oralia when we disembark at Civic Center station he suggested we stop in for a look around the shop before we head to the ultimate San Francisco Beer destination ....Toronado.
It is obvious that we will be doing a bit more than just looking around City Beer because a quick look a their web site reveals that they have Ballast Point Brewing Sculpin on tap. Last months trip to Mammoth Beer Festival was filled with many return trips to the BP booth for as much Sculpin as they'd let us get away with.
Since going to the Toronado on a Tuesday night is not the most advantageous plan for getting a lot of work related production done on Wednesday we just decided to go ahead and blow off work Wednesday too and do some midweek beer gettin. Hmmmm ... where is Santa Rosa?