Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Odonata Brewing

I learned recently that Odonata Beer Co. was set to unleash it's long awaited Saison on the thirsty Northern California Beer Community.
Sacramento's newest brewery unveiled their Belgian Farm House Style Saison at The Shack at 5201 Folsom Blvd (near 52nd street) last night... Friday April 30th.
Opening night pints were going for $3.50.
They also had T-shirts, work shirts and cool Odonata glasses for sale.
And how about the beer? My word it was excellent. Classic Belgian Farm House style, unfiltered goodness with the complexity of three beers poured into one.
Destined to become a food pairing favorite with discriminating chefs everywhere.
Soon you will be finding this beer in everyone's refrigerators and in proper beer establishments from Sacramento to the Bay Area.

Additional release parties are also in the works and include....

5-06-10 - Pangaea - 2743 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento CA
5-07-10 - Samuel Horne - 719 Sutter St, Folsom CA
5-13-10 - The New Owl Club - 111 Church St, Roseville CA
5-14-10 - Raley Field Beer festival - West Sacramento

Highly recommended.