Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hop Hunter Eye Pee Eh?

You all probably thought I was dead, moved to Torrance.... or maybe turned into a heroin addict or a daiquiri drinker .... but none of that would be true.... Over the years I've been diagnosed with extreme apathy and severe laziness. One beer at a time... or maybe sometimes six.
So what reason do I have for rearing my head up now?
Well of course it's Sierra Nevada's new beer called ... ta da! "Hop Hunter IPA".
I have to admit I chuckled a bit when I first became aware of them copying my blog name for their new special wunderkind secret groundbreaking hop oil process offering.
And yeah ... I know I have no real legal hold on that name that I've been using for a decade or so ... but none the less I've kind of grown fond of that handle and it's a little disturbing to see it just scooped up and added to the impressive stable of SNB beers.
And hey... don't get me wrong ... I love Sierra Nevada Brews ... always have... I think there are virtually no better beer values in the beer market place today...
I'm naturally curious about, but will probably never know, if someone associated with the company knew about my little blog (that perhaps as many as seven or eight people have actually ever read)  or somewhere heard the name used and passed it along up the chain of command to the position it currently occupies as the greatest and latest SNB IPA release.
I always considered it a somewhat clever and very apropos name for me considering my beer wanderings and growler collecting  ... but I also know that others would certainly be capable of coming up with that title on their own as well.
So yeah... they have it now... we have to share... and I can't be bitter ... a little annoyed maybe ... but not so annoyed that a few cases of that fine IPA sent to my home in Roseville wouldn't cure.