Friday, December 14, 2007

Just Thursday

Sometimes you almost just stay home and watch some TV or do whatever crap you might do....but sometimes you just know you gotta go...get something...go somewhere and be...well....kinda be somebody....perhaps just yourself.
Well Thursday is just that sort of a night and so...after work..we did.
Off to BJ's to enjoy the Sierra Nevada Celebration before it goes away for another year. Where lo and behold (I know I know that's a song from the Basement Tapes, but kinda fit) we run into our good buddies Rick and Tracy.
We had some dinner and it was a grand time, very pleasant and interesting people to hang out should be so lucky maynard.
Afterwards we bid ado and headed over to Vino's because...well...just because. Hell..because they still have Lagunitas Hop Stoopid and Avery Brewing Hog Heaven.
The only other peoples in the place was our good buddy Mike, the manager of Pyramid brewing in downtown Sacramento who happens to live in nearby Lincoln.
We shared a couple hoppy beers and then we were on our way. On our way with a couple of 22oz bottles of Thunderhead IPA and the promise of growlers of the morrow...thanks to Mike.
And tomorrow it's the annual company XMas party..and an opportunity to introduce some co-workers to extravagant and interesting beer indulgent behavior.....I can't wait. And yes indeed..they have no idea.

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