Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pair this

As I mentioned in my previous entry I'm not real knowledgeable about all the possibilities when it comes to food and beer pairings...which is not to say I'm completely in the dark and lack any experience in that theatre. I have a couple or actually three items that might be of interest that I have come up with and really enjoy at certain times.
I actually like nothing better than to season up some nice chicken breasts with some chipotle and BBQ them. I usually cut the trimmed up fowl into midsized manageable finger food sizes and literally drench them in chipotle. The easiest way is to just put them in a bag shake-n-bake style to get a really nice caked over solid coating. After you pull them off the grill arrange them on a platter and then liberally grade extra sharp cheddar cheese all over them and then cover them for about 5 minutes. Just enough time to let them rest slightly and for the cheese to melt. After that you'll need at least a big hoppy San Diego Style IPA , Imperial IPA or an Imperial Red to wash the down with. The hops, heat and the sharp cheese are like heaven together. For those that don't quite like that level of heat I suggest keeping some sour cream or sugar handy for quelling that fire. The IPA just isn't going to do that for you.
Another great pairing is more of a brunch or early afternoon treat. I often like to start any drinking day with a good authentic Bavarian Hefeweizen like Franzenkaner, Hof, Weihenstephaner or even the locally brewed Sacramento Hefeweizen and freshly baked soft oatmeal cookies. With or without raisins. I know, I know...sounds crazy, but I suggest you try it might be pleasantly surprised. final beer/desert of the night can quite top an Imperial Stout float. Just make the traditional Root Beer float and substitute a nice stout for the Root Beer and enjoy. Sweet, dry or milk stouts work fine too but naturally I like the big bold flavors of the motor oil monsters.

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Rick Sellers said...

Ah man, now I want chipotle chicken... or a warm oatmeal cookie. I know few people with more experience and light shedding experience than you when it comes to the enjoyment of good food and good beer. Ya know... some people eat bullets, some people drink bud... wonder how those pair.